Day Fishing Trips

Alaska is serious fishing territory, so it's no surprise that you'll find plenty of day tours, overnight sea cruises and backcountry lodges that all cater to fishermen (and women) of any stripe. Salmon and halibut are by far the most popular species to fish for, and many coastal communities host world-famous fishing derbies that award prizes to whoever catches the biggest fish, or the fish with a special tag on it. Some ocean-going charters stay out overnight so that you can catch your limit on both days.


Freshwater Fishing

Alaska's freshwater fishing is at its best from June to September, when the rivers ripple with five species of salmon returning to spawn, and other species like Dolly Varden, Arctic char and cutthroat and rainbow trout are at their peak. Many of the best fishing spots are easily accessed from Alaska's highways; all you need is a rental car, a guidebook and some basic gear. On the other side of the spectrum, you can stay at a remote fishing lodge where the guides will take you straight to the best fishing holes every day, or book a fly-in adventure with a float plane that ferries you to remote, little-fished lakes and streams. 


Salt Water Fishing

With such a massive coastline, there’s no shortage of saltwater fishing in Alaska. Depending on the season, your quarry includes all five species of Pacific salmon plus enormous halibut, feisty lingcod and several species of rockfish. You can fish straight from the surf in some communities, meet new friends on a “six-pack” (six-person) charter boat day trip or take advantage of an overnight cruise to catch two days’ worth of fish in one trip. Some of Alaska’s fishing resorts cater to saltwater species too, offering guided fishing sorties every day, with luxury lodging and gourmet meals awaiting your return to the lodge. They’ll also process, package and sometimes even ship your catch home for you.