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Alaska Adventure and Ecotour Packages

Alaska adventure and ecotour packages are the perfect way to pack the most into your trip. They combine the cost of lodging and local transportation with a full range of activities and tours that you might otherwise miss out on experiencing. Embark on an all-inclusive Alaska land tour, family tour or small group tour with expert guides who will make sure you have the vacation of your life.


Kayaking & Rafting in Alaska

With an astounding twelve thousand rivers and three million lakes that total more than 40 percent of the nation’s surface-water resources, Alaska's options for paddle sports are, in a word, infinite. The following Alaska kayaking, whitewater rafting and float tour operators are experts at getting you on the water and guiding you through the state's wet and wild wonderland. And with many of them, you can customize your Alaska raft or kayak trip by adding a day of fishing, a day hike or a bike tour.


Water Sports

There’s no shortage of water in Alaska, which means there’s no shortage of fun water-sport experiences to be had. Did you know you can snorkel the intertidal zone around Ketchikan on a one-hour guided marine-life tour? (Yes… snorkel… you read that right.) If you prefer to stay dry, you can learn about local ecology as you take a small-group kayak tour along the coastline, or take an exciting stand-up paddle board tour in coastal waters. Continue reading below to help get you started with your water activity planning.



Ziplines have become very popular in Southcentral and Southeast Alaska, with zip cables, suspension bridges and rappel stations anchored in towering spruce, hemlock and birch trees. Every Alaska zipline adventure offers unreal, thrilling views guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your harness: craggy, snow-capped mountains, dense forests in layered shades of green and rivers and lakes turned a rich turquoise by water from melting glaciers. You'll have a chance to practice with the equipment and review safety procedures before taking your first steps into the trees, where the guides will also teach you fascinating information about Alaska's uniquely untouched ecosystems.